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(p.1) Introduction
Hasia R. DinerGennady Estraikh
NYU Press

This book explores the Jewish world in 1929 and the reaction of Jewish communities, organizations, and individuals to the dramatic events of that year. It considers the transnational connections that linked Jews to one another regardless of where they lived and how the developments of 1929, especially the stock market crash, affected the Jews in terms of their relationships with each other and the bonds they forged with non-Jews. It also examines the impact of the particularities of the United States on the relationships between its Jews and those elsewhere, notably in terms of the ways in which American Jews connected to those in the Soviet Union. The book shows that Jews behaved politically in a global context in the post-World War I world, even as they functioned as American Jews, Russian/Soviet Jews, German Jews, Palestinian Jews, or Polish Jews.

Keywords:   stock market crash, Jews, 1929, non-Jews, United States, American Jews, Soviet Union

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