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David Vogel

David Vogel

Married Life 1929

(p.185) 12 David Vogel
Glenda Abramson
NYU Press

This chapter offers a reading of Haye nisuim (Married Life), a 1929 novel by David Vogel in the Hebrew language and published in Palestine. Married Life exemplifies Vogel's “incorrigible Europeanness” while offering rare instances of a Jewish sensibility in his assimilated Jewish protagonist, a writer named Rudolf Gurdweill. One of the novel's most extraordinary features is Vogel's intricate mapping of Vienna's postwar landscape and his perception of the city's role in social and psychological breakdown. German place names proliferate in Married Life, increasing the novel's verfremdungseffekt and reinforcing the strangeness of its language and setting. Married Life ends with an inevitable tragedy and without any emotional purification or redemption.

Keywords:   novel, Haye nisuim, David Vogel, Hebrew language, Palestine, Married Life, Europe, Vienna

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