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Laying the Foundations for Azusa

Laying the Foundations for Azusa

Black Women and Public Ministry in the Nineteenth Century

(p.65) 4 Laying the Foundations for Azusa
Valerie C. Cooper
NYU Press

This chapter focuses on two movements that unfolded, American Evangelicalism and Wesleyan Holiness, and how changing understandings of women's appropriate place in public life laid the foundations for the Azusa Street Mission. It considers how nineteenth-century, black Evangelical women contributed to the establishment of the largely egalitarian ethos of early Afro-Pentecostalism by bringing to their involvement in Azusa changing expectations about their roles in public ministry and public life, biblically based arguments for women's religious leadership, a developing pneumatology, and eschatological expectancy. It also considers how black women's views about public activism and theology influenced the dynamic sociological and historical factors that produced Azusa Street.

Keywords:   black Evangelical women, Azusa Street Mission, American Evangelicalism, Wesleyan Holiness, public life, Afro-Pentecostalism, public ministry, religious leadership, pneumatology, public activism

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