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Ethics in a Prophetic Mode

Ethics in a Prophetic Mode

Reflections of an Afro-Pentecostal Radical

(p.153) 9 Ethics in a Prophetic Mode
Leonard Lovett
NYU Press

In this chapter, the author uses the narrative mode of autobiography to reflect on theology and ethics by looking back over his long career as a Pentecostal scholar, churchman, and social activist. In particular, the author describes the dilemmas and challenges that he has experienced as an Afro-centric Pentecostal theologian-ethicist, as well as the conflict with colleagues who embrace other perspectives. After discussing the civil rights background of Afro-Pentecostal radicalism, he provides insight into the racial dynamics within the Pentecostal academy that have mirrored concerns found in other segments of Afro-Pentecostalism. He also considers how some Afro-Pentecostal scholars were able to help frame a response to the racism they encountered within the movement. Finally, he suggests the need to confront questions regarding the racial injustice still visible within the Pentecostal church and academy.

Keywords:   civil rights, radicalism, theology, ethics, autobiography, Pentecostal academy, Afro-Pentecostalism, racism, racial injustice

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