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Contributions from African American Christian Thought to the Pentecostal Theological Task

(p.169) 10 Pneumatology
William C. Turner
NYU Press

This chapter explores pneumatology in relation to liberation theology within the context of the Pentecostalism. It first considers the emergence of pneumatology in black theology before discussing the gap between the African American Church's worship, service, prophetic-liberative social consciousness, and the underdevelopment of pneumatology in major scholarly projects. It then stresses the importance of a critical pneumatological discourse for renewing the Spirit within Afro-Pentecostalism. In particular, it calls for a pneumatology that moves the locus of discussion from narrow sectarian interests to those of the worldwide Christian communion. It suggests that serious theological reflection on and re-working of major themes within Afro-Pentecostal Christianity can not only enrich the Pentecostal tradition but also allow those within the movement to make contributions, which can benefit the broader church.

Keywords:   pneumatology, liberation theology, black theology, worship, social consciousness, Afro-Pentecostalism, Christian communion, Afro-Pentecostal Christianity

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