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Supporting Equality Jurisprudence’s Sites of Inculcation

Supporting Equality Jurisprudence’s Sites of Inculcation

(p.123) 4 Supporting Equality Jurisprudence’s Sites of Inculcation
Adolescence, Discrimination, and the Law
Roger J. R. Levesque
NYU Press

After Chapter 3's broad introduction to the government's role in shaping the inculcation of values, this chapter turns to the actual sites where inculcation occurs and addresses the question of how to capitalize on them. It begins by focusing on families and schools. It then moves on to other institutions critical to shaping adolescent development, such as religious groups, justice systems, health organizations, media, and community groups. At this point, the focus narrows to determining and respecting the rights of adolescents. That focus emerges from recognizing the need to balance societal interests with those of adolescents' right to exercise their fundamental freedom to develop their own thoughts and dispositions regarding how they will treat others. Throughout, the analysis reveals much that remains unregulated and ignored. These gaps gain particular significance in that analyses of discrimination law have not sought to explore key socializing institutions' ability to inculcate values even though these institutions remain central to addressing the root causes of prejudice and discrimination.

Keywords:   equality jurisprudence, families, schools, adolescent development, adolescents' rights, discrimination law

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