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“Doing the Lab Rat Thing”

“Doing the Lab Rat Thing”

(p.49) 2 “Doing the Lab Rat Thing”
Adverse Events
Jill A. Fisher
NYU Press

Chapter 2 focuses on the economic motivations of healthy volunteers. Drawing upon the concept of imbricated stigma, it describes how social inequalities shape participants’ views of Phase I trials. It examines not only the catalysts in their lives that lead to study enrollment but also how economic need, employment opportunities, and consumer culture influence how participants view the value of study compensation. The chapter details three uses to which study compensation is typically put: revenue to make ends meet, investments in the future, and disposable income for consumption. Because clinical trial participation is stigmatized, healthy volunteers often feel the need to cover up their participation, and the chapter illustrates the lengths some go to keep their study involvement secret.

Keywords:   Phase I trials, healthy volunteers, imbricated stigma, economic motivations, social inequality, economic need, study compensation, consumption

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