After Marriage EqualityThe Future of LGBT Rights

After Marriage EqualityThe Future of LGBT Rights

Carlos A. Ball

Print publication date: 2017

ISBN: 9781479883080

Publisher: NYU Press


This book brings together twelve original essays by leading scholars of law, politics, and society to address the most important question facing the LGBT movement today: What does marriage equality mean for the future of LGBT rights?In doing so, it explores crucial and wide-ranging social, political, and legal issues confronting the LGBT movement, including the impact of marriage equality on political activism and mobilization, antidiscrimination laws, transgender rights, LGBT elders, parenting laws and policies, religious liberty, sexual autonomy, and gender and race differences. The book also looks at how LGBT movements in other nations have responded to the recognition of same-sex marriages, and what we might emulate or adjust in our own advocacy.

Table of Contents

Front Matter


Carlos A. Ball

Part I The American LGBT Movement after Marriage Equality

2 Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Donald P. Haider-Markel and Jami Taylor

3 Still Not Equal

Clifford Rosky

Part II LGBT Issues after Marriage Equality

4 LGBT Elders

Nancy J. Knauer

5 Marriage as Blindspot

Nancy D. Polikoff

7 A More Promiscuous Politics

Joseph J. Fischel

8 Diverging Identities

Russell K. Robinson

Part III Post–Marriage Equality in Other Nations

11 The Pitfalls of Normalization

Jan Willem Duyvendak

12 The Power of Theory

Bruno Perreau